Thursday 27 May 2010

My #Nokia E90 has finally started its downward trend. Here is what I think of it 2+ yrs later

To start with, I should say E90 has been one amazing phone - and I will miss it dearly.??

Its got a good camera (Bad in low light though) - I took baby pictures of my??daughter??with it & now my little girl loves taking pictures with it. Its been our official family camera - my Panasonic hasn't been touched in a while.??

It had great features such as dual-camera - I have used it to talking to my wife & daughter on the video call when I am away. Also used it once for a Skype call over fring.

Radio is good, but never got around to using it much.??

GPS is probably one of the best I have seen in the industry - my other job is developing custom Fleet??Management??solutions.

Built like a tank.??Sustained on average 3+ knocks a week (including a hard one when it tossed out of the car-holder). It??was immersed in the bath for almost 1+ min & once dry comes back to life like magic - still lives 1+ year on.??

Perfectly hacker friendly phone - I have controlled servers with it for a while - keyboard is??sufficient??for those urgent fixes on server & you are miles away from computer. Python comes in handy for those weekend hacks.

Developer friendly phone - you can write your apps in C, C++ (and Qt), Java & Python... ??

Battery is sufficient. I had push email on all the time and that would give me 1-2 days on full charge.??

It has multi-tasking since day one :)

I got to acknowledge its got amazing flaws.??

  1. The browser is broken
  2. Why the hell do I need to be prompted if I am already connected to the internet via WLAN?
  3. All three mail clients - Mail, Mail for Exchange & Nokia Messaging suck
  4. No easy way to turn on the loud speaker if I receive a call - always had to??fidget??around with the menu - one hand on the wheel & one trying to select the damn Menu Item.
  5. Music Player - never allowed me to play using filenames.
  6. Amazingly heavy & bulky.??Somebody said 'f*ck thats huge' not so long ago.
1-5 are in general more to do with Nokia's decision not to upgrade the software even though I paid $1,400 not so long ago. 6 just adds a bit of character