Saturday 5 December 2009

Open Source Phones are the future

Reading the piece Why Open Source Phones Still Fail by Sascha Segan 

I felt I am reading something similar to this Sky is Falling.. Scenario:

The article provided a pretty distinctively limited view of the way things work i.e. US != World, Nokia's main market atleast for now is Europe / Asia / Africa - thats where it makes its billions from and that's where many of its devices are aimed at. 
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I felt that view with which the article built over is the fact of failure of OpenMoko - but in my opinion there are many platforms which haven't seen the light of the day in US, but play a major role in rest of the world. Take Symbian for example (which is now OpenSource Platform by the way).

Coming back to Maemo (N900 runs Maemo) / Android - Both are amazingly powerful platforms, given time they will be the leading the edge soon.