Friday 20 November 2009

Technology creates Opportunities - Technology revolution spurs Social &Economic change

Back when I was growing up in India, we had an amazing thing called a PCO (Public Call Office). This generated employment for number of people - I remember a guy down the road from my home who made a decent living out of it.
(Photo courtesy: Wikipedia)
With the advent of Mobile Phones & cheap calls, the opportunity for PCO`calling sort-a died down a little - I mean calling from Mobile phones is cheaper than going to a PCO (Rs. 1/min vs Rs. 2/3mins). I thought these PCOs would be well.. history - but how wrong am I in thinking so.
These PCOs now have now evolved into something more interesting. They have become a social centres of enterprise & economic activity. Many turned their little stores into agents of change. These days many became conduits for Telephone/Mobile operators to sell their phone recharge & topup services & provide internet-computer centers (easy to get a printout & like..).
PCOs will start playing as enablers in selling services or paying bills. I think this is one thing which is ought to be reality soon. The opportunity lies in helping these guys get there - and believe me its no small opportunity. If anyone is interested in a similar opportunity do let me know - keen to share ideas.